Empire Records track list

Ever heard a filmtrack, wanted to buy something you hear three seconds of but been unable to identify it ?  This page is an attempt to provide a reference guide to the huge number of music tracks which appear in the film Empire Records.  This list corresponds to the version of the film on the 'Collector's Edition' DVD.  That version doesn't really make sense (they strung together all the shots they had and didn't worry about the plot) but it's the most inclusive version.   It's not complete because I can't identify some of the tracks.  However, what I do know is here.  I hope it helps someone track down some music they like from the film.

While I'm here I'd just like to point out something. There's one quote from the film which I see all over the net:

I do not regret the things I have done,
but those I did not do.

It's a very good quote. It's a wonderful quote. But it didn't originate with the film. The nearest I've found is by Zachary Scott:

As you get older, you'll find the only things you regret
are the things you didn't do.

But there's also Sidney J. Harris:

Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time;
it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.

I grant you that the phrasing used in the film is shortest, and therefore has the most impact.

Simon Slavin

First you get a table of the tracks I've identified.  The tracks are listed in the order they appear.  The two columns on the left list the last person to speak or do something identifiable, and what they did.

Track Name

Opening credits The Honeymoon is over The Cruel Sea
?? The obedience of a Saint ... can change the course of history ? The Dirt Clods
Lucas The time to hesitate is through. I Don't Want to Live Today Ape Hangers
Lucas I wonder if I'll be held responsible for this. ? incidental ?
Joe Dammit ! Lucas ! Hey Joe The Dirt Clods
Corey Happy Rex Manning Day ! 'Til I hear it from you Gin Blossoms
Mark Naa haa ! Seems Queen Sarah Saturday
Joe Rex Manning Day. Say no more (mon amore) 'Maxwell Caulfield'
Gina "To the number one in her class" Nice Overalls Lustre
Mark [giggle] [kiss Madonna picture] She Walks Poster Children
Debra cuts her hair Free The Matinis
Lucas What's with today today ? ? incidental ?
Corey Why'd ya do that ? Sorry Sybil Vane
Debra Thank you. I Shot the Devil Suicidal Tendencies
Eddie Little tribute, man ! Money (That's What I Want) Flying Lizards
Joe We are all losers. Welcome to Music Town Infinity Mouth Music
Mark Not on Rex Manning Day ! Video Killed the Radio Star The Buggles
Mark I notice you didn't leave the couch ? ?
Lucas Is that with a 'c' or a 'k' ? Whole Lotta Trouble Cracker
Mark Shoplifter ! Ready Steady Go The Mieces
Corey Revealing clothing ! Thorn in my Side Quicksand
Max Let's go to work ! Little Bastard Ass Ponys
Max I don't like the chair. Say no more (mon amore) 'Maxwell Caulfield'
Warren messes with magnet I Don't Know Why Sacrilicious
Warren Who glued these quarters down ? Real Anyone
Lucas Berko ! Counting Blue Cars Dishwalla
Joe Look, could you put this off 'till -- If You Want Blood (You've Got It) AC/DC
Michell I own this place. Circle of Friends Better Than Ezra
Joe I said I'll handle it. Okay ? ? ? incidental ?
A. J. Corey Romeo & Juliet Dire Straits
Berko Like your hair. Crazy Life Toad the Wet Sprocket
Joe I'm already sorry. The Ballad of El Goodo Evan Dando
Corey Thanks, Joe. Thanks a lot. Snakeface Throwing Muses
Max You're a sweet girl. What You Are Drill
Max Rock and Roll. How The Cranberries
A. J. I didn't say anything. Forget it happened. How The Cranberries
Gina I can tell you what colour and what kind. A Girl Like You Edwyn Collins
Debra One for Miss Teen America Liar The Cranberries
A. J. Debra, you're just in time. Say no more (mon amore) Maxwell Caulfield
Lucas Superb. Chew Toy Fig Dish
Rex What ? No applause ? Peg Boy Hardlight
Berko She quit, pal. ? ?
Corey It's not gonna be fine. Fitz of Depression Power Shack
Debra So I guess nobody really has it all together. Bright as Yellow The Innocence Mission
Mark Eating brownies Saddam a Go-go Gwar
Mark Gwar ! Rock 'n' Roll/EGA Daniel Johnston
Jane D'ya need a new night manager ? ? ?
Lucas Death is in the cards ? ?
Eddie I'll do anything for you, Deb. Tomorrow Mouth Music
Debra Jesus. I hate this funeral. Here it comes again. Please
Gina I don't have the guts to even audition. Surround You Billy White Trio
A. J. Warren, Get out the store. Backdown Blues Loose Diamonds
Warren Good try, A. J.. L. A. Girl Adolescents
Jane Here's six hundred dollars ? ? incidental ?
Mark Damn the man. Save the Empire. Plowed Sponge
Joe Mitch ? I quit. Vinyl Advice Dead Hot Workshop
Lucas I knew you weren't happy. Sugarhigh Coyote Shivers
A. J. I'm going to art school. 'Til I hear it from you Gin Blossoms

Closing credits This is The Day The The
Eddie/Mark [talk about bands] Free The Matinis

There are some tracks credited in the closing credits, or tracks which appear on the soundtrack CD, which I haven't been able to place in the above table.

Dark and Brooding Noah Stone

Candy Full Tilt Gonzo

If you can place any of them for me, I'd be grateful for an email to slavins@bigfraud.org with your information.  Thanks very much.

Last update:
17th August 2023: Thanks to Matt Pierce and co. who identified 'Real' by 'Anyone'.
3rd June 2012: I misread 'Sacrilicious'. Thanks, Lupe Lozano.
25th September 2010: I somehow mistyped 'Ape Hangers' as 'Ape Handlers'. Thanks, Daniel Odukogbe.
22nd March 2010: Hardlight and Power Shack placed by Josianne Blanchette.
22nd March 2010: Chew Toy by Dig Dish placed by Drew Nerdahl.
16th December 2008: Dead Hot Workshop placed by Michael Dzyban.
25th December 2007: The Innocence Mission and placing of Toad The Wet Sprocket corrected by Cynthia S..
13th April 2007: Toad the Wet Sprocket identified by Laurence Greatrex.
15th August 2006: Dishwalla identified by Micah Breedlove.
30th December 2005: Billy White Trio identified by Jo Redfearn and WORM.
28th August 2005: Note on 'regret' quote.
18th May 2005: Thanks to Chelsea Smith for identifying seven more songs in one fell swoop. Either Chelsea really really likes music or she lives above a record store.
16th January 2005: Thanks to Clinton Crowe for identifying _Thorn in my Side_.
10th July 2004: Thanks to viki gargett for identifying _Rock 'n' Roll/EGA_.
22nd June 2004: Thanks to eep for identifying _Plowed_.
28th March 2004: Thanks to Kade Cole for identifying _Liar_.